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10:56pm 02-01-2017
Julie-Anne Jamieson
Dear Janet & Graham. We go back a long way and Janet, I remember you being v kind and helpful when I was a newly qualified careers adviser in Fife. I then had the pleasure of working with both of you whilst at Careers Scotland, SDS and latterly, the CDI. You have inspired many students and contributed much to the profession. I hope you find happiness and fulfilment in this next stage of your life. You will be much missed so please keep in touch. Julie-Anne x
9:58am 01-05-2017
Mark Steell
Dear Janet and Graham,
Happy new year and best wishes for the future. Always an absolute pleasure to work with you and we did some great stuff together in the last few years. Graham,thanks for helping me through my Masters and Janet, thanks for always getting things done with a laugh at the end!
11:29am 01-03-2017
Mary Dempsey
Dear Janet and Graham,
I have such happy memories of every contact I ever had with you two. You have been to me ,as everyone else, unfailingly inspirational and supportive but it was your integrity and the genuine fun you brought to every situation that made you a such a unique pair. Thank you, I've missed that and hope that retirement is your well deserved, 'beautiful reward'.
Much Love Mary
4:15pm 12-22-2016
Luisa Moreno
Dear Janet and Graham, oh it is the end of an era. It will be very strange not to have new Careers Advisers talk so highly about you both. You will be very much missed.
Janet, I have been an Adviser as long as you have been a lecturer. Drop me a line as would be lovely to hook up.
All the best to you both for the future! X
8:19am 12-21-2016
Jennifer Reilly
Hello Graham and Janet, just wanted to wish you both well and happy retirement!! Thank you so much for all your support and help during the course. It will be funny meeting new students and not having them tell me about Granet!!

All the best! Jennifer Reilly
4:53pm 12-20-2016
Pete Robertson
Hi Janet & Graham,
A message is not long enough to convey my thoughts and feelings on you leaving - it would take a book! You are a double act that has had an enormous and positive impact on the career guidance profession in Scotland. Not sure how we will cope without your consistent support and sharing of the highs and lows with good humour. Love and best wishes for the future from Pete. PS keep in touch!
11:08am 12-20-2016
Deirdre Hughes
Dear Graham and Janet - I've just heard you are both retiring from UWS. This is indeed a great loss for the university and the wider careers sector. I hope you will find time to reflect on your significant individual and collective achievements and give yourselves 'a pat on the back' for a job well done! Your work has helped to transform people's lives in such a positive way with life changing impact. We will all greatly miss you. Personally, I would like to thank you for giving me inspiration and the opportunity to work with you at UWS as an external examiner. May this new and exciting chapter in your lives bring happiness, prosperity and good health. Hope you will stay in contact. Best wishes and BIG hugs, Deirdre xx
11:30pm 12-19-2016
Patrick Watt
Hi Janet and Graham - Just a wee note to say that it was a genuine pleasure to work with you both. You'll be missed. And enjoy whatever you choose to do next. Best Wishes - Patrick Watt
3:21pm 12-19-2016
Anna Selwood
I can't believe you are retiring! Thank you so much for giving me a place on the course in the first place - I met with you the week before the start of the new semester and I think you were quite surprised that I was keen to start immediately rather than wait another year! I never imagined it would lead me to where I am now and am very grateful that you took a risk on an applicant with a slightly unconventional career history. It was a tough, challenging year for me and your approachability (is that a word?) enabled me to get through it - thank you. Enjoy whatever comes next for you.
Best wishes
11:56am 12-19-2016
Emma mcvey
Thank you so much for all the support and guidance. Not just on the course but even the time you gave me after the course. You two are amazing and made the course interesting. I have made friends for life on the course. Best choice of have made. Thank you a million times over. Emma mcvey
9:51am 12-19-2016
Siobhan Neary
This is the end of an era. Best of luck to you both for your future plans!
I have very much enjoyed working with you Janet on the PSC
Good luck you will both be sadly missed in the sector.
7:58am 12-19-2016
Norma Kay
Just heard your news! I wanted to say how much I always enjoyed your company and working (albeit briefly) with you. Good luck for the future. I am sure it will be full of interest-and enhanced by your contributions. Make sure you have fun!
Love Norma
11:38am 12-17-2016
Jennifer BIMROSE
Congratulations to you both on your considerable achievements over the years. You have clearly made a real difference to your students, as well as a making a substantial contribution to the broader field of careers guidance. I've been grateful for your collaboration and will sorely miss your collegiality. Hope you manage to retain some connection with the field. In the meantime, all the very best for your future pathways.

Kindest regards,

5:41am 12-17-2016
Fiona Paterson
Dear Janet and Graham
It's been a pleasure to have been taught by you and work with you. Look at the number of individuals who have walked into your classroom over many years. Something to be very proud of.
I wish you much happiness in the years to come. Best wishes Fiona
11:54pm 12-16-2016
Annah Mamombe
Hi Graham and Janet,
Thank you so much for your support and encouragement,I hope you enjoy your retirement and opportunities to follow.Best wishes
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